Thought of the Day


Here we are about to slide into 2016 and people still act like they know an entire story based on the image or lack thereof of the cover.

Folks still out here judging like their verdict or opinion holds any weight in the next person’s life. Minding one’s own remains a challenge.

People still allow gossip to be the main source for what they believe to be facts about others, like finding out on your own is too hard.

People out here misrepresenting our Creator and his word, to portray an image that will be liked and well received.

People still bringing their emotions and life details to share with the world on social media instead of dealing with their issues at home.

Our world continues to spin out of control but nothing that’s happening is really new to us, just the swift and enormous coverage of events.

Prejudice, bigotry, racism; overall we’ve made progress but everyday there’s an act or speech that shows how much further we have to go.

We do so much praying and thinking about victims but we do very little to help those in need, to prevent negative things from reoccurring.

Why we wait until it’s too late, I’ll never understand. We worship folks when they’re gone but where was the love and support beforehand?

Ask before assuming. Seek answers. Seek truth. Do your own research. Stop relying on the next person’s opinion.

Yes we are born into sin, we will sin regularly, but the goal is to try and live and lead a life similar to the Prophet. Don’t fake Faith.

If you aren’t willing to offer help, to offer a solution to those who need your support and assistance, you’re merely a part of the problem.

Stop sitting back, watching from the sidelines, letting people close to you suffer, struggle and destroy themselves.

We have to stop entertaining everything that is negative and start shedding more light on the good things that we see, read and hear about.

Our world is currently setup to treat positivity like its not a big deal. When is the last time you saw a Breaking News post that was good?

At the end of the day, we need to stop trying to bring others down. We have to come together. We have to love one another. Pray, smile, give.

Thought of the Day


Don’t leave too soon but don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t pretend not to care but certainly avoid stressing yourself out. Learn from yesterday but don’t plan too far ahead. Be humble when you’re right but apologize and correct things when you’re wrong. Make choices that you’ll love and can live with, no one wants to be stuck with regret. Treat yourself with respect, but let us not forget to treat others the way we desire to be treated. Every word or action that you say or do cannot be justified for God created us imperfect for a reason. Life is not meant to always go your way. Sometimes you just have to put it to your mouth, suck it up and swallow that pride to be or become a better you.

Thought of the Day


Dear ladies,

I am by no means a woman basher nor the hating type. Just a few observations and opinions I wanted to elaborate on. Before I go in, just know that I love you all dearly…

With that said, enlighten me on what you consider a “thirsty nigga”. How can a female post overly enticing photos and statuses to draw in men, gain sexual attention and then turn around and be offended when men respond to certain behavior? What were you expecting? Then beyond that, the quality of men don’t live up to your expectations and you wanna down the gender? On top of that, you adore the attention but complain about receiving messages and comments from men responding to your posts, your pictures, your cries for attention? Help me make sense of it all.

Women are the most confusing species on the planet, yet man can’t live without them. Women are the root of our existence but carry the most emotion. What is it that you truly want? You will fight for and go to war for a man who has little to nothing going for him or you, and has done you wrong or currently mistreats and misleads you. But in reality will deny a good man, who has a future and his life together. For what?

Our generation is a mess all because y’all think that what you see and what you’re fed is what you want, need or deserve. Social media and hip hop make it okay to be a baller, yet we overlook the job or work put in to become said icon. It makes it okay to be an entertainer or exotic dancer but just because media glorifies the art doesn’t mean it is something to be proud and dignified of. Imagine if your mother was a stripper? Would you be proud of that? Imagine if your mom was half naked with her blessings on display for social media? Would you embrace that? If you had a child, would you be supportive and happy with your daughters decision to sell her looks as a means to gather popularity, money, attention?

Women used to be the building block of a family. The foundation for what a home was built on. I still believe in tradition, in happiness, love, longevity and the woman being a queen. As I said in the beginning, this isn’t a denunciation or meant to cause any drama. I just want women to be and live up to the true meaning behind their purpose and existence. Regardless of the life you choose to lead, you’re still a part of the most beautiful and precious species on the planet. Have faith, dignity and respect for yourself. Be the queen you were created to be. Don’t sell yourself for a little shine. Don’t utilize your looks as a means for attention, survival, or income.

Be more than you’re appearance. Seek more than a “right now” guy. Stop acting like your inbox is some sacred, hallowed location where only certain men are permitted to establish your acquaintance. We all know, in the real world, you get back what you put out. You receive what it is you seek. Our world continues to spin out of control and love has lost its value, meaning, purpose. With that said, what is it that you truly think, hope, believe you deserve or want? By all means….share your opinion. Real men want to know, and, as a real man, I still love you all.

Thought of the Day


Quit complaining about what he, she or they did to you. We’ve all been through something. Yes it hurts, but so too does a hangnail, paper cut, bruise, broken bone …to get to my point, this too shall pass. The pain lasts as long as you allow it to by focusing on it instead of a means to fix it. That bruise or broken bone eventually heals. It may very well leave a scar but with the proper treatment and effort, it will fade away and you will get better, and become once again, as good as new. Self love is the best love.

Thought of the Day

If you’ve got the time, I guarantee this will be worth the read: They say we are all fighting a battle no one knows of. Everyone struggles daily with something that tears them up inside. Skeletons exist in all of our closets. We experience death in the form of accidents, suicide, overdose, murder, natural causes yet what do we do to offer change? We experience pain in the form of loss, lies, cheating, bullying, inequality, war, depression and loneliness. Often times we stay in situations longer than we should. Other times we don’t allow enough time for opportunities to blossom. We look past the evil of those who remain evil. Other times we bypass the good of those who may have stumbled along the way. We choose like over love, image over character, media over reality, quantity over quality. There also exist times when we sell our beauty and soul for limelight and temporary monetary gains. At the end of the day what do you have? When the sun sets and you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you know what your purpose is? Do you know who you really are? You can wait on a perfection that will never come. You can seek a fairy tale that will never become reality. However, you can also accept and embrace your gifts and blessings and make the most of them. Too often we settle for less than what it is we deserve. Other times we sell ourselves short by not taking a chance on that which scares us or appears to be a difficult challenge. Nothing worthwhile comes easy in this life we lead. If happiness is what you desire then happiness is what you’ll experience if you learn to love yourself and accept what this world and what your God presents to you. But nothing will ever change unless you take the necessary steps to make it happen. Take off the shades, open your eyes and see with your heart and soul.

Thought of the Day

Everyday I see an overabundance of complaints from a multitude of individuals in regards to the opposite sex. This prompted me to acknowledge and emphasize a few ideas that often times get overlooked. First and foremost, you must recognize that happiness is something that starts from within you. Too many people are looking for or relying on others to fill a void, provide joy or rescue them from the point and place they currently reside in on their life course. Secondly, who and what you think you want is not always what is ideal for you and your future. With social media and trends, people tend to be influenced by types and stereotypes. A lot of your prior heartache and suffering is a direct result of you chasing, latching on to and desiring the idea of things and people who are, in reality, no good for your spiritual and emotional growth and development. Next up is the concept of effort. Typically (but not always true) the people who put in the most time and effort are usually the ones who find you interesting, appealing, beautiful. They may not appear to be exactly what you’re looking for, but in the interest of attention and effort, there may be one who is deserving of your time and effort. If you cannot reciprocate the appreciation and adoration to one who has a genuine interest in you, why complain when you receive that same treatment from another? Think about what it is you truly want, then think about who is actually willing to provide it for you.  Lastly, there will always be a plethora of options, a never-ending list of people, decisions and choices. Use more than just your eyes and choose wisely. Do not get too far ahead of yourself. Do not become too engulfed in the past and what has already come to pass. Truthfully, what you want, need and deserve is already available to you, it is just a matter of making the time and effort to take on the opportunity. He/she/it likely already exists in or around your bubble. Sometimes it will require a bit of change, a bit of stepping outside of your box, going against the grain, taking a chance, but you will never know unless you give it a try. We all want to love and be loved, but what are we willing to do to be in the position to give it, receive it and keep it, the right and righteous way? Just a thought.

Thought of the Day

People often wonder why their lives’ appears so gloomy. First and foremost, you must accept the fact that positivity breeds positivity, the same way hatred breeds hatred. Be mindful of the company you keep. If they aren’t yet, they will become a direct reflection of you. People often wonder why certain individuals don’t acknowledge or accept them, with their kindness, sweet gestures, generosity and all. Here you must accept that not everyone is going to care about you or like you the way you desire him or her to. A square peg cannot be forced into a round hole. Most likely, they’re receiving the same treatment from something (or someone) they want to force to become something that it is not. This basic level karma, “treat others the way you wish to be treated”, will never be more evident. People often wonder why they feel so weighted down, burdened, sluggish. Stress, worry and depression are unhealthy for the soul. When you realize that you need not worry about what others think or feel in regards to you, you’ll start to see advancements. You must let the past be the past and focus on the good in and around you today for a brighter tomorrow. The skeletons in your closet are yours alone to acknowledge and deal with. No one else’s opinion will have a thing to do with how you go about your plan, path and course of action. Take your concerns to your Creator, release that which drags you down, break the chains of the weighted stress, break away from misery and watch your progression quicken. Take care of you and treat yourself right.

Thought of the Day

We are all going through something. We are all dealing with something. How we endure and overcome these challenging crises is what defines our character. Perception can be troubling if you are only willing to see things from your point of view. The things that we say and do, affect more than just ourselves. Its like tossing a rock into a lake and watching the ripple effect stretch onward and outward. Not everyone is going to be on your team. Not everyone is going to agree with what you choose to do or how you do it. So what? Everyone is entitled to an opinion just as everyone is granted the ability to ignore, disregard and bypass it. Remember that although there may be struggle now, there is a bigger picture to be painted and viewed. Right now is a mere second, a grain of sand in the hourglass. There is a lot of life left to live and a lot of love to receive and give. What is right to you is not always what is right for you. What you think of something or someone is rarely what is factual. If we are not willing to open our eyes, minds and hearts to see, know and feel, we are left with nothing more than assumptions and opinions. If we are not willing to grow, adapt and learn, we are stuck in a state of ignorance and influence. We must lead, for the sake of our children and future generations. We must love, for the comfort and security of ourselves and those around us. We must progress, to continue to develop our bodies and souls for the sake of our sanity and stability. In order to change the world, you must first change your world.

No Justice. No Peace. The Last World War.

Photograph: Philip Wolmuth/ Philip Wolmuth

Before I even indulge in the topics and ideas circulating in my mind, let me first state that this is in no way a representation of anything or anyone, I choose no sides, it is simply an interpretation of what I see when I ‘look outside of my window.’

Look outside of your window. What do you see? A powerful nation can bombard, bully and intervene in struggling countries suffering from civil instability and war. A powerful nation watches another powerful nation annex a portion of a neighboring, weaker free (democratic) country and does not bombard or intervene, but simply tells the wrongdoers, “you’re cut off from our food supply.” How powerful are those powerful nations really? What is power if you don’t appropriate it?

Look outside of your window. What do you see? The land once considered the grounds and basis for our spiritual existence. A place one would think would be a peaceful, holy land. Instead it continues to be one of the deadliest locations in the history of humanity. Why should any man cry on national television while holding the lifeless body of his child? What is a 24, 48, 72 hour Cease Fire? I wonder if these same rocket launching, missle firing, land hungry murderers of innocent civilians would ever agree and adhere to a Peace Fire? Maybe thats asking for far too much.

Look outside of your window. What do you see? Terrorism is defined as “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.” Terror causes fear, anxiety, pain, destruction, disruption. With that said, Can only the enemy be considered a terrorist? Terror is a global epidemic. Yes there are extremists who make international noise but terror is very much common and happening all around us every single day. Don’t be manipulated by what is presented to you in the news. By definition, some of the activities conducted by our own, at home and abroad, instills the same level of terror reported and exposed as done by others. Its all about perception as many of us lack depth while observing.

Look outside of your window. What do you see? Not everything is black and white, or is it? We grant you the authority to serve and protect, which at times does require some brute force, but there are times when you take it too far. The efforts of Abraham Lincoln and the civil right’s activists who followed him did aid in the improvement of race relations. However, some of the same stereotypes and labels still remain. Ever so often, a story is ran about a young man being struck down by the hands of our system/law but the evidence supporting the action is non-existent. An innocent man (or woman) is just that, innocent. If there is suspicion, then investigate. If there is just cause, then provide evidence. If there is criminal activity, then follow standard procedures. Against an unarmed, seemingly innocent individual, the likes of pepper spray, hand cuffs or even a taser seem justifiable but when a gun is drawn, lives are in immediate danger. The victim could be your neighbor, your friend, your brother, sister, father, mother, son or daughter. It is not about color, but at the same time it is. These atrocities have been happening far too often and for far too long. You’re only exposed to the few that make it into the national spotlight. These acts and activities are happening everyday. There is a war going on. People are dying.

So I ask you to look outside your window. Tell me what it is you see. Regardless of race, religion, beliefs, war is happening all over the world. Whether its Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Russia or the United States, there are things going on right where you are that represent a piece of the puzzle board of the Last World War. Many of us just want to live and lead happy, peaceful lives. To make our money, maintain our stability, provide for our families and watch our children grow up has become a tedious, dangerous, task in today’s society. Our world, with all of it’s highs and lows, is an unpredictable one. For many, all we have is our faith to guide and protect us along our travels. Our skies cry millions of tears day after day for the many, many victims lost at the hands of violence each and everyday across this globe. As the picture above suggests, we want peace. Our hands are up. We are no threat. We are the innocent, the loving, the working, the living, just trying to get by. If we don’t stand up now, make a change now we will never have what it is we ultimately desire to give to our children. There will be No justice. No peace. We will become victims of the violence that continues to spread like uncontrollable wild fires and succumb to the Last World War.

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