Word of the Day

Change often times is a positive thing. Traumatic events provide you with an opportunity to do better, have better, live better, be better and be happy. Quit dwelling on everything that goes wrong and start giving attention to the things, situations and people who truly love you, support you and believe in you. Yes, time does give you the opportunity to heal or recover but it also leaves you vulnerable to drown in your sorrows, feel bad for yourself, or in a position to make poor decisions because you think it’s okay. It’s not. Do not lose sight of what it is you believe, deserve and desire. It feels good to smile. I wanna give you reasons to smile.

Word of the Day

You can’t force anyone to care. You can’t force anyone to be who you want them to be. How it makes you feel is far more important than how it looks. How it treats you means far more than how it looks. You can’t skip the rain to just jump straight into the sunshine. Things take time. Situations and relationships that make it and last are those that endure the storms. Be an individual with Independent logic, ideas, opinions. Avoid the influence of digital trends and pressure from those around you. Unplug from the machine. Love more with your heart. Lust less with your eyes. With the choices that you make, it’s your happiness that’s at stake. What good is physical beauty if you’re spiritually ugly?

Sometimes You Just Want to Vent

We need to raise the bar when it comes to expectations. Think ahead. Think smarter. Instead of screaming Free So and So after they get locked up, why not scream “Stop doing dumb shit before you get locked up”? That’s supposed to be your friend, your people, your partner, your family right? We’re losing so many loved ones, young ones to addiction. Instead of having to mourn at the loss of or condemning addicts for their problem, why not invest your time and energy into helping them? You could be the change or difference. Quit following trends and glorifying ignorance. If we continue to allow and enable the use of these invented sounds and made up words, eventually we will regress and start sounding like cavemen. Reality TV is not reality, stop trying to be what you see. ¬†Show more appreciation and attention to the women and men actually being involved parents to their children. There’s nothing cool about being a sperm donor, baby daddy or baby momma. Class is sexier than ass. Stop standing all awkward with your leg looking broke just to poke your booty out. Quit taking pictures in a dirty ass bathroom. Love is more valuable than money. The word “thot” does not make being a whore an acceptable thing. Stop disgracing the purpose of marriage with infidelity. Quit judging people. You yourself are no better than him, her or them. Come on down from that high horse. Start healing, stop killing. Spread peace.

A Little ’bout Love

People fight to find it. People fight to keep it. People weep when they lose it and people celebrate when they have it. Some stay for the wrong reasons. Some stay despite being unhappy. Others bail because it’s opportunistic while some leave believing the grass is greener on the other side. Many fear the idea of something new, something different. There are those that are so judgemental that they avoid or deny what may be right for them. There are those who rely on hearsay, rumors and opinions to make their determination. There are the too nice, too social, too good to be true individuals and situations that get overlooked or ignored. Attention, popularity and appearance often times take place of the things that should matter most. Then there are the individuals that are just plain terrified of it. Regardless of all of these things, it’s obvious that it is one of the most complex, challenging yet vital parts of our existence. If it were easy, we’d all have it and all would be right in the world. Or so it seems. It’s hard to settle on it but we can’t live without it. It comes in many forms, shapes, types. Love is embedded within our hearts and meant for each and every last one of us. May you be blessed with not the love or lover you want, but the love or lover you deserve. They say what’s meant to be will be, but don’t neglect the fact that you have a hand it that outcome. If it makes you smile and feel good on the inside, who cares what anyone else thinks. Go for it. Your happiness is what’s at stake.

Reflection and Preparation

So 2016 is coming to a swift and cold end. I’m not going to indulge in politics, left, right, liberal or conservative. I just want to talk about reflection and preparation.

Reflection is not just the mirror’s response, but it’s also the evaluation of previous experiences and the lessons taken from them.

For instance, giving love and companionship a chance. At the same time, having enough respect for yourself and the strength to know when it’s time to let go, walk away, move on. If they’re toxic, if it threatens your peace or family, shut it down. Thank you for the lesson.

Once upon a time, everything was fine except you were ready and they were not. So naturally things change and the fun fades. When it’s revisited, things not being the same as before ends up being the reason it can’t happen, the time when they weren’t ready. Makes perfect sense. Thank you for the lesson.

The most challenging uphill battle youve ever faced starts to become less stressful. Less painful. More peaceful. More hopeful. It makes the process of parenthood and coparenting that much more of a blessing. Thank you for the lessons (and blessings).

You call it God’s work because it’s how you feel. To drop everything and commit yourself to helping someone who needed it. These things are challenging but if it feels like the righteous thing to do, go for it. Expect nothing in return but effort to avoid the darkness of the past. I’m proud of you. Thank you for the lesson.

A casual friendship that escalates quickly. Maybe it was just a game, who knows. One who speaks so highly on Faith yet unfaithful. Perfection you called it, what you always wanted. And just like that it was gone. With so much going on, I will pray for you regardless. No worries, your secrets are safe with me. To be honest, this one hurt the most, but thank you for the lesson.

Just a few meaningful reflections. Some great and painful lessons. Things to grow from. Things to build upon. Loads you choose to or not to carry with you into 2017. And that brings us to the preparation.

Resolutions are nothing more than goals. They shouldn’t happen once a year or at the change of years. These should be common, regular, ongoing. So in preparing, avoid mistakes from your past. By all means, make your health a priority. You only get one life. Be it children, job or education, handle your responsibilities. Be a hero to your children. Motivate and inspire others to achieve goals and promote positivity. Turn a blind eye to hatred, bigotry, ignorance, sexism, racism. Fight for your rights. Fight for equality. Fight for peace. May your God be your guide. Be honest. Be open minded. Be uniquely and completely you. Be happy, not just content. Be brave, don’t fear necessary change. Much of what you endure is per your own choices. So I hope you’re prepared. Happy New Year.

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