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Bobby Loops – The Covers

Introducing Bobby Loops, “The Covers” collection. These NFTs pay homage to some of the most legendary hip hop artists of our time, by recreating their album art in only a way that The Coolest Dude can. The collection consists of 50 pieces, released in four separate batches, over the course of 2023. There are 25 […]

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Word of the Day

We’ve been conditioned to believe that we are all broken down by color, race, class, community, region, religion, belief, wealth etc… We’re all humans. Our race is humanity. It’s up to us to realize that fact and progress forward accordingly. It will never just be all good, or all bad, but the outcome is often […]

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The Coolest Dude

In the evolution of Bobby Loops, the coolest dude on layer 2, we present the next generation of the Layer 2 star, “The Coolest Dude.” This evolving collection includes the classic pfp format, but also displays Bobby expanding into other scenes, full body shots and imitations of the things and people he supports the most. […]

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Fear Not

The purpose of fear is to create barriers, that prevent you from reaching or achieving something.  Opportunities are often missed due to the inability to conquer one’s fears.  On the contrary, success and/or fulfillment is often the result of overcoming those fears. 

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