Photograph: Philip Wolmuth/ Philip Wolmuth

Before I even indulge in the topics and ideas circulating in my mind, let me first state that this is in no way a representation of anything or anyone, I choose no sides, it is simply an interpretation of what I see when I ‘look outside of my window.’

Look outside of your window. What do you see? A powerful nation can bombard, bully and intervene in struggling countries suffering from civil instability and war. A powerful nation watches another powerful nation annex a portion of a neighboring, weaker free (democratic) country and does not bombard or intervene, but simply tells the wrongdoers, “you’re cut off from our food supply.” How powerful are those powerful nations really? What is power if you don’t appropriate it?

Look outside of your window. What do you see? The land once considered the grounds and basis for our spiritual existence. A place one would think would be a peaceful, holy land. Instead it continues to be one of the deadliest locations in the history of humanity. Why should any man cry on national television while holding the lifeless body of his child? What is a 24, 48, 72 hour Cease Fire? I wonder if these same rocket launching, missle firing, land hungry murderers of innocent civilians would ever agree and adhere to a Peace Fire? Maybe thats asking for far too much.

Look outside of your window. What do you see? Terrorism is defined as “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.” Terror causes fear, anxiety, pain, destruction, disruption. With that said, Can only the enemy be considered a terrorist? Terror is a global epidemic. Yes there are extremists who make international noise but terror is very much common and happening all around us every single day. Don’t be manipulated by what is presented to you in the news. By definition, some of the activities conducted by our own, at home and abroad, instills the same level of terror reported and exposed as done by others. Its all about perception as many of us lack depth while observing.

Look outside of your window. What do you see? Not everything is black and white, or is it? We grant you the authority to serve and protect, which at times does require some brute force, but there are times when you take it too far. The efforts of Abraham Lincoln and the civil right’s activists who followed him did aid in the improvement of race relations. However, some of the same stereotypes and labels still remain. Ever so often, a story is ran about a young man being struck down by the hands of our system/law but the evidence supporting the action is non-existent. An innocent man (or woman) is just that, innocent. If there is suspicion, then investigate. If there is just cause, then provide evidence. If there is criminal activity, then follow standard procedures. Against an unarmed, seemingly innocent individual, the likes of pepper spray, hand cuffs or even a taser seem justifiable but when a gun is drawn, lives are in immediate danger. The victim could be your neighbor, your friend, your brother, sister, father, mother, son or daughter. It is not about color, but at the same time it is. These atrocities have been happening far too often and for far too long. You’re only exposed to the few that make it into the national spotlight. These acts and activities are happening everyday. There is a war going on. People are dying.

So I ask you to look outside your window. Tell me what it is you see. Regardless of race, religion, beliefs, war is happening all over the world. Whether its Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Russia or the United States, there are things going on right where you are that represent a piece of the puzzle board of the Last World War. Many of us just want to live and lead happy, peaceful lives. To make our money, maintain our stability, provide for our families and watch our children grow up has become a tedious, dangerous, task in today’s society. Our world, with all of it’s highs and lows, is an unpredictable one. For many, all we have is our faith to guide and protect us along our travels. Our skies cry millions of tears day after day for the many, many victims lost at the hands of violence each and everyday across this globe. As the picture above suggests, we want peace. Our hands are up. We are no threat. We are the innocent, the loving, the working, the living, just trying to get by. If we don’t stand up now, make a change now we will never have what it is we ultimately desire to give to our children. There will be No justice. No peace. We will become victims of the violence that continues to spread like uncontrollable wild fires and succumb to the Last World War.