If you’ve got the time, I guarantee this will be worth the read: They say we are all fighting a battle no one knows of. Everyone struggles daily with something that tears them up inside. Skeletons exist in all of our closets. We experience death in the form of accidents, suicide, overdose, murder, natural causes yet what do we do to offer change? We experience pain in the form of loss, lies, cheating, bullying, inequality, war, depression and loneliness. Often times we stay in situations longer than we should. Other times we don’t allow enough time for opportunities to blossom. We look past the evil of those who remain evil. Other times we bypass the good of those who may have stumbled along the way. We choose like over love, image over character, media over reality, quantity over quality. There also exist times when we sell our beauty and soul for limelight and temporary monetary gains. At the end of the day what do you have? When the sun sets and you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you know what your purpose is? Do you know who you really are? You can wait on a perfection that will never come. You can seek a fairy tale that will never become reality. However, you can also accept and embrace your gifts and blessings and make the most of them. Too often we settle for less than what it is we deserve. Other times we sell ourselves short by not taking a chance on that which scares us or appears to be a difficult challenge. Nothing worthwhile comes easy in this life we lead. If happiness is what you desire then happiness is what you’ll experience if you learn to love yourself and accept what this world and what your God presents to you. But nothing will ever change unless you take the necessary steps to make it happen. Take off the shades, open your eyes and see with your heart and soul.