Dear ladies,

I am by no means a woman basher nor the hating type. Just a few observations and opinions I wanted to elaborate on. Before I go in, just know that I love you all dearly…

With that said, enlighten me on what you consider a “thirsty nigga”. How can a female post overly enticing photos and statuses to draw in men, gain sexual attention and then turn around and be offended when men respond to certain behavior? What were you expecting? Then beyond that, the quality of men don’t live up to your expectations and you wanna down the gender? On top of that, you adore the attention but complain about receiving messages and comments from men responding to your posts, your pictures, your cries for attention? Help me make sense of it all.

Women are the most confusing species on the planet, yet man can’t live without them. Women are the root of our existence but carry the most emotion. What is it that you truly want? You will fight for and go to war for a man who has little to nothing going for him or you, and has done you wrong or currently mistreats and misleads you. But in reality will deny a good man, who has a future and his life together. For what?

Our generation is a mess all because y’all think that what you see and what you’re fed is what you want, need or deserve. Social media and hip hop make it okay to be a baller, yet we overlook the job or work put in to become said icon. It makes it okay to be an entertainer or exotic dancer but just because media glorifies the art doesn’t mean it is something to be proud and dignified of. Imagine if your mother was a stripper? Would you be proud of that? Imagine if your mom was half naked with her blessings on display for social media? Would you embrace that? If you had a child, would you be supportive and happy with your daughters decision to sell her looks as a means to gather popularity, money, attention?

Women used to be the building block of a family. The foundation for what a home was built on. I still believe in tradition, in happiness, love, longevity and the woman being a queen. As I said in the beginning, this isn’t a denunciation or meant to cause any drama. I just want women to be and live up to the true meaning behind their purpose and existence. Regardless of the life you choose to lead, you’re still a part of the most beautiful and precious species on the planet. Have faith, dignity and respect for yourself. Be the queen you were created to be. Don’t sell yourself for a little shine. Don’t utilize your looks as a means for attention, survival, or income.

Be more than you’re appearance. Seek more than a “right now” guy. Stop acting like your inbox is some sacred, hallowed location where only certain men are permitted to establish your acquaintance. We all know, in the real world, you get back what you put out. You receive what it is you seek. Our world continues to spin out of control and love has lost its value, meaning, purpose. With that said, what is it that you truly think, hope, believe you deserve or want? By all means….share your opinion. Real men want to know, and, as a real man, I still love you all.