Here we are about to slide into 2016 and people still act like they know an entire story based on the image or lack thereof of the cover.

Folks still out here judging like their verdict or opinion holds any weight in the next person’s life. Minding one’s own remains a challenge.

People still allow gossip to be the main source for what they believe to be facts about others, like finding out on your own is too hard.

People out here misrepresenting our Creator and his word, to portray an image that will be liked and well received.

People still bringing their emotions and life details to share with the world on social media instead of dealing with their issues at home.

Our world continues to spin out of control but nothing that’s happening is really new to us, just the swift and enormous coverage of events.

Prejudice, bigotry, racism; overall we’ve made progress but everyday there’s an act or speech that shows how much further we have to go.

We do so much praying and thinking about victims but we do very little to help those in need, to prevent negative things from reoccurring.

Why we wait until it’s too late, I’ll never understand. We worship folks when they’re gone but where was the love and support beforehand?

Ask before assuming. Seek answers. Seek truth. Do your own research. Stop relying on the next person’s opinion.

Yes we are born into sin, we will sin regularly, but the goal is to try and live and lead a life similar to the Prophet. Don’t fake Faith.

If you aren’t willing to offer help, to offer a solution to those who need your support and assistance, you’re merely a part of the problem.

Stop sitting back, watching from the sidelines, letting people close to you suffer, struggle and destroy themselves.

We have to stop entertaining everything that is negative and start shedding more light on the good things that we see, read and hear about.

Our world is currently setup to treat positivity like its not a big deal. When is the last time you saw a Breaking News post that was good?

At the end of the day, we need to stop trying to bring others down. We have to come together. We have to love one another. Pray, smile, give.