Plenty of topics and events I often times overlook or choose not to write about to avoid stirring up controversy or causing any further issues than what already exists. But, today corruption seems to weigh heavy on my mind. We as people are so quick to jump on the media bandwagon or support movements without facts or proper research. Whether it be guns, politics, friends, foes, money, baby mamas and daddies etc. We are so quick to be critical of another before even acknowledging, dealing with or overcoming our own demons. Babies are born everyday the same way people die everyday. That’s a part of the human circle and cycle of life. What lies in between is nothing but an ongoing line of choices, decisions, circumstances that for the most part we can, in some form or fashion, regulate. There is plenty that is beyond our control as well. For all the bad that we are presented with, be it by news or word of mouth, we as humans and as people should be more willing to come together to adjust rules, laws, traditions, rituals, beliefs to create a better world and life for everyone. Whether or not you believe in God, Allah, Buddha, Jah, or atheism, we are all here, living our own individual lives and have to find some common ground in order to coexist. Cops exist to protect people, but that does not mean that no cop is corrupt. Military personnel are here to protect people, but that does not mean that no soldier is corrupt. Politicians are voted into office to represent the people but that does not mean that no politician is corrupt. Parents are here to protect, raise and teach their children, but that does not mean all who create offspring are committed to this ideology. The point is, good cannot exist without evil, life cannot exist without death, wrong cannot exist without right. The list goes on. Instead of placing so much emphasis on everything we see or believe is wrong, why not devote that energy and emotion to what is actually going right? If you have an issue with something you feel is wrong, instead of criticizing, placing blame on others or creating more chaos, why not seek and offer a realistic resolution. We make so much effort into hating one another, other races, other countries and for what? We all have to share the same place and space. Let’s show more love and compassion and less hate and destruction. Let’s break the chains of history and overcome fear and rejection of other races, religions, beliefs. Let’s come together to rid of evil and hatred instead of reacting and responding with more hate. All of the negative energy has us ever so quickly spiraling down into oblivion and self destruction. We all have power, a voice, an opinion. Put it to use for the good of yourself, your family, your children, your country, your belief, your universe, your world. In the end we are all we have.