People fight to find it. People fight to keep it. People weep when they lose it and people celebrate when they have it. Some stay for the wrong reasons. Some stay despite being unhappy. Others bail because it’s opportunistic while some leave believing the grass is greener on the other side. Many fear the idea of something new, something different. There are those that are so judgemental that they avoid or deny what may be right for them. There are those who rely on hearsay, rumors and opinions to make their determination. There are the too nice, too social, too good to be true individuals and situations that get overlooked or ignored. Attention, popularity and appearance often times take place of the things that should matter most. Then there are the individuals that are just plain terrified of it. Regardless of all of these things, it’s obvious that it is one of the most complex, challenging yet vital parts of our existence. If it were easy, we’d all have it and all would be right in the world. Or so it seems. It’s hard to settle on it but we can’t live without it. It comes in many forms, shapes, types. Love is embedded within our hearts and meant for each and every last one of us. May you be blessed with not the love or lover you want, but the love or lover you deserve. They say what’s meant to be will be, but don’t neglect the fact that you have a hand it that outcome. If it makes you smile and feel good on the inside, who cares what anyone else thinks. Go for it. Your happiness is what’s at stake.