We need to raise the bar when it comes to expectations. Think ahead. Think smarter. Instead of screaming Free So and So after they get locked up, why not scream “Stop doing dumb shit before you get locked up”? That’s supposed to be your friend, your people, your partner, your family right? We’re losing so many loved ones, young ones to addiction. Instead of having to mourn at the loss of or condemning addicts for their problem, why not invest your time and energy into helping them? You could be the change or difference. Quit following trends and glorifying ignorance. If we continue to allow and enable the use of these invented sounds and made up words, eventually we will regress and start sounding like cavemen. Reality TV is not reality, stop trying to be what you see. ¬†Show more appreciation and attention to the women and men actually being involved parents to their children. There’s nothing cool about being a sperm donor, baby daddy or baby momma. Class is sexier than ass. Stop standing all awkward with your leg looking broke just to poke your booty out. Quit taking pictures in a dirty ass bathroom. Love is more valuable than money. The word “thot” does not make being a whore an acceptable thing. Stop disgracing the purpose of marriage with infidelity. Quit judging people. You yourself are no better than him, her or them. Come on down from that high horse. Start healing, stop killing. Spread peace.