Word of the Day

You can live your entire life waiting for something to become what you want it to be, only to find out it wasn’t meant to be. You can attempt to force love into a situation that isn’t built to support it. You can give up on your own happiness just to be content with what is already in place. You can make excuses to stay, make excuses to leave, make excuses as to why you can’t move on but in the end you’re left with nothing but regret chasing behind those excuses. You deserve what you want and what you need. Stop waiting for something or someone to change or become what it is you seek. If they were about your joy, it would already have come to fruition. Don’t waste your years, your time, your life on people and situations that don’t fit in your plan, progress and future. Do not fear the uncertainty that accompanies change. You have a hand in writing your destiny. Invest in what makes your heart warm, in what makes you smile.

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