New Year’s Eve Thoughts

As we bid farewell to 2018, let us not rush into or get caught up in the possibilities, opportunities and resolutions of what lies ahead without reflecting on the events, successes, failures, pain and pleasures from the previous 365 days. There is learning to be done in every season. There is a lesson to absorb with every situation. Take that knowledge and experience and apply it forward. 2019 does not mean there will be a new you. It does however provide the same amount of days to become a more improved, better version of yourself. Trust the process. Rely on faith. Be more in tune with the vibes and energy you feel and encounter. Everyone, everything and every situation is not meant for you. You don’t have to answer every call or entertain every message. You don’t have to accept every offer. You aren’t obligated to entertain every inquiry thrown your direction. On the flip side, don’t be afraid to take a chance, to try something again or something new. Blessings are often found or uncovered in those unfamiliar and unknown times. Find a healthy balance between loving yourself while allowing yourself to be loved. After all, it is meant to be had, felt and enjoyed by each and every one of us. Don’t stress trying to achieve perfection. Be good to yourself and do right by others. May the next wave, phase and year be prosperous in all aspects of life for you. Now get up, look in the mirror and gain/regain your focus. It’s your world. Go conquer it. 

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Author: nfinit3

Raymond Russ, (born May 21, 1982) musically known as Nfinit3, is a hip-hop producer from the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia region known as the DMV. Nfinit3 accredits a personal friend for introducing him to the sounds of 9th Wonder and Kanye West back in 2003 which in turn led to his decision to pursue beat-making. Years of studying 9th, Kanye, Dilla, Premier and others aided in the growth and development of Nfinit3's sound. In 2006 Nfinit3 linked up with Justus League affiliate, Phocuz, for a few songs as well as established a musical friendship with up and coming r&b sensation Carlitta Durand. Several collaborative efforts on songs allowed Nfinit3 to release his first project, a mixtape titled The Track Sessions Vol. 1 in the fall of ‘07. It consisted of the producer’s instrumentals as well as tracks with an array of underground artists. Outside of Phocuz, Nfinit3 has also produced tracks for the likes of Range da Messenga, Big T of Southernboi Entertainment, P. Genz, Poe Mack, Velben, Vibe H.O.T.T. and Bucky Dolla. In the spring of ‘08 Nfinit3 teamed with M-City artist, Bucky Dolla to release their collaborative effort, The Mixed Bag Effect, digititally worldwide. In the fourth quarter of the same year they followed up with their 2nd album titled, The Almighty Dolla, available digitally as well as by hardcopy. Nfinit3 also released a solo project called, First Times A Charm in the summer of ‘08. He considered it his “one time experimental release”, finding himself rapping and singing over his own production.

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