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Love Begins Within

If you lack in self love, it is impossible to love another properly. You are your most important priority. Therefore, you’ve got to be your biggest supporter and cheerleader. When you take care of yourself, believe in yourself and love yourself, you’re in a prime position to share the love and blessings with those you […]

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Stay Zen, My Friends

Amidst the rumors, speculation and disinformation, lies the truth. If millions of individuals, including yourself, have come to the exact same conclusion based on the overwhelming evidence that’s been compiled over the past 12+ months, then what is there to debate? Trust your research. Trust what you’ve seen with your own eyes. Trust what and […]

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Word of the Day

The boredom you’re experiencing may be simply be peace protecting you from chaos.  The words you fail to speak, could be the very words needed to solve or resolve a dilemma.  The action you’re afraid to take, could be preventing you from receiving the blessing you’ve been praying for. Perspective. 

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